Pala renews membership with Antwerp Diamond Club

Pala Renews membership to ADC


As an ethical retailer of diamonds, our product is about more than just high-quality diamonds treated to specific tolerances; it is a promise that our diamonds were not involved in conflict, worker exploitation or other bad practices. And, to the best of our efforts, that promise is kept throughout our entire supply chain. This isn’t a mission we undertake alone, and seeking membership of professional bodies is a key part of our efforts. To help in this, we’ve renewed our membership with the ADC, the Diamantclub van Antwerpen, who are a world-renowned diamond trading Bourse based in Belgium and a leading standards organisation for our industry.



“Pala Diamonds holds itself to high trading standards and our ADC membership is an important part of that commitment. With their guidance, we have extensive guidelines for accountability and transparency that help ensure we run our business ethically.” Himesh Pala – director