Pala Diamond Co. offer carefully-selected melee diamonds to the jewellery manufacturing sector. Our diamonds are ethically-procured, fine-cut and natural.

Pala Diamond Co. has transformed how high-end manufacturers acquire precision cut diamond assortments. We strive to set logistical benchmarks for service, resolving complications efficiently with careful attention to detail.

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Diamond Co.

  • Highly specialised in lines of round and fancy precision-cut diamonds
  • Accurate measurement and consistency throughout entire range
  • Meticulous quality control for cut, clarity and colour
  • Rigorous screening for synthetics and simulants



  • We adhere to De Beers Best Practice Principles where applicable and The Responsible Jewellery Council’s Code of Practice to help curb the illicit diamond trade
  • Our supply chain is regularly audited to ensure responsible procurement
  • As a company, we are committed through choice and lead by example


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Our Diamonds

We provide what brands demand

We provide unparalleled calibration, cut quality and symmetry throughout our assortments. Our diamonds are now sought after by select fine jewellers, micro-setters, workshops and international brands because our selection methods help their trade. All diamonds are individually louped or microscopically assessed, and thoroughly tested to a maximum tolerance of 0.05mm.

Core Product:
Shape: Round brilliant cut
Size: 0.5-4mm
Colour: D-H
Clarity: IF-SI2

Additional Products:
Fancy shape diamonds
Straight edged: Emerald, Asscher, Radiant, Princess, Baguette, French cut, Carré & Custom cut-to-order
Round edged: Pear, Marquise, Heart & Oval

Colour: D-G
Clarity: IF-VS

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