Cushion Cut Diamonds

Precision cutting distinguishes Pala Diamond Co. as the supplier of choice. We cut to exact measurements with minimal dimension tolerance for exceptional cushion cut diamond lines


Colour: D-G
Clarity: IF-VS
Size: 2mm-7.5mm
Weight: 0.05-0.60ct
Ratio: 1:1 – 1:1.65


Our clarity assortments for cushion cut diamonds can be ordered in VS-VVS and VVS1-IF.


Our cushion cut diamond assortments are D-G in colour. Upon request, we can tailor an assortment to D-F or F-G.

Cut and Symmetry

We aim to ensure EXEX- VG-EX in symmetry and polish throughout our assortments with EXEX only available upon request. Depending on the required tolerance, precise cushion cut diamonds are cut-to-order from rough. General layout will consist of “cushion modified brilliant” cuts, with “cushion brilliant” facet structure available upon request.

Measurement Tolerance

Our regular cushion layout assortments are calibrated to a maximum tolerance of +/-0.07mm. Both are available in precision cut with a tolerance of +/- 0.02mm (total tolerance 0.04mm).

How to buy loose cushion cut diamonds from Pala Diamond Co.

Depending on your needs, we can help you maximise efficiency of your operation whilst ensuring cost-effectiveness. You can acquire cushion cut diamonds from us in a number of ways – visit us at one of our sales locations, request an appointment at your premises of work or register to buy cushion cut diamonds online in our shop.


Our fully integrated online shop will allow you to choose the exact quality, measurement tolerance, carat weight or number of pieces of cushion cut diamonds you require. Please click register to create an account to gain access to our full range of cushion cut diamonds.

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