Asscher Cut Diamonds

Our Asscher cuts are manufactured as perfect squares with ideal proportions, producing a striking hall of mirrors effect throughout the lines.

We have mastered the art of producing precise dimensions on step-cuts because Asscher cut diamond lines demand perfection in symmetry, polish and tolerance. Working diligently with leading high-end jewellery manufacturers, we have refined our Asscher cut shaping and parameters to withstand the most demanding of quality control measures.

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Colour: D-G
Clarity: IF-VS1
Size: 1.5 – 4.5mm
Weight: 0.02-0.50ct
Ratio: 1:1 – 1:1.01


Our Asscher cut assortments are D-G in colour. Upon request, we can tailor an assortment to F-H+, D-F or D-E.


Our assortments for Asscher cut range in clarity from VS1-IF through to microscopically assorted VVS1-IF. Due to the nature of the facet structure of Asschers, we do not sell below VS1 in clarity.

Cut and Symmetry

The shape, cut and symmetry are the most important characteristics of an Asscher cut diamond, which is why we’ve given them particular attention. The cut and symmetry parameters across our step-cut lines are known for their precision throughout the industry.

Depending on the required tolerance, all of our Asscher cut diamonds are cut-to-order and none derive from loose diamond parcels. We feel this is important to ensure consistency of appearance and quality throughout.

Measurement Tolerance

Using state-of-the-art cutting techniques and machinery we can cut volumes to +/- 0.015mm (total tolerance 0.03mm). Our regular Asscher cut layouts are supplied with a maximum tolerance of +/- 0.06mm.

How to buy loose Asscher cut diamonds from Pala Diamond Co.

Depending on your needs, we can advise and assist you in maximising the efficiency of your operation and ensuring cost-effectiveness. We pay particular attention to the cut, diamond colour, diamond clarity and diamond symmetry, guaranteeing a consistent product throughout our assortments and enhancing the performance of your finished jewellery. We offer our Asscher cut assortments on a cut-to-order basis.

You can acquire Asscher cut diamonds from us in a number of ways – visit us at one of our sales locations, request an appointment at your premises of work or register to buy baguette cut diamonds online on our shop.

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You can choose the exact quality, measurement tolerance, carat weight and quantity of Asscher cuts you require in our fully integrated online shop. Please click register to create an account and gain access to our full range of Asscher cut diamonds.

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