Living with Covid – New Guidelines

To summarise current changes regarding Covid guidelines:


  • There is now no legal obligation to self-isolate after a positive Covid test. However, both self-isolation and regular testing may be best practice, depending on the situation.


  • Free Covid testing has ended although some vulnerable groups still qualify for free symptomatic testing.


  • Employers have a duty to ensure a safe working environment and a safe environment for customers. This includes conducting risk assessments and taking measures to minimise risks. There is no longer a need to include Covid in risk assessments for most situations, although government guidance suggests employers should encourage vaccination, ensure good ventilation and provide a clean working environment.


  • Working from home guidance has ended although it may still be a suitable option depending on the business.


  • Most government advice about critically vulnerable people regarding Covid has ended although there is still guidance regarding those who have immune system suppression.

At Pala Diamond Co., we’re following the government guidelines although we’ve also implemented our own guidelines in addition to ensure safe working practices.


For further guidance please visit the government site for this latest position with living with covid:


Please refer to our Covid-19 and Pandemic preparedness Policy